Vuda Marina


Abdul I took us to Rhapsodie which was moored in Vuda Point Marina next to First Landing Resort.  We had to wait for our room at First Landing Resort to be ready so we had breakfast with Sam on Rhapsodie (children being asleep). 

Prior to his arrival, Sam had managed to get Rhapsodie solely with the help of his children (Dana and Rachael) into the marina.  At the same time they arrived, a second catamaran was arriving so this was a busy port.

It was quite a leap to get onto the boat as the tide was high when we arrived - we had to get on to a neighboring catamaran and then walk across to Rhapsodie.


This was the sight of Rhapsodie on our arrival.  We were glad to get our bags on board and take off our shoes.

P1010055 P1010056 P1010129

This shows the process of getting on board Rhapsodie - first leap on to the neighboring cat then go across to Rhapsodie.


This is a general view of the marina -  you can see it is much busier than in 1996 when an aerial photo was taken.

P1010132 P1010133 P1010134

Sam had to put two sails on board - one new, the other repaired.

P1010135 P1010136 P1010137

We left Vuda Marina on the afternoon of Friday August 2nd.  We picked up old crew member Mike and his girlfriend Molly.

P1010138 P1010139 P1010140

Watching out for ropes from other boats, Sam skilfully manoeuvers Rhapsodie out of the marina.

P1010141 P1010142 P1010143

We are free and heading down the narrow channel that marks the marina entrance.

P1010144 P1010145

We had views of First Landing Resort as we left the marina and had to keep clear of the reef.

P1010146 P1010147

As we left the Vuda Point refinery (Shell, Mobil and others) we were on our way to the Mamanuca (pronounced Mamanootha) Islands.


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