Suva is the capital of Fiji with government buildings, shops and embassies.  It also houses the University of the South Pacific.

Our first encounter with Suva was on Wednesday August 8th, 2003 returning from Taveuni when we stayed just outside the main city at the Raintree Lodge.

We then returned the next Sunday morning and took a taxi around the city.


This is the Mormon temple in Suva from the back.  Mormons and Seventh Day Adventists had a significant presence in Fiji.

P1010585 P1010586 We had coffee at a very pleasant coffee shop in downtown Suva.  The shops were typically under a covered verandah - because Suva is a rainy city.
P1010587 P1010588 The shop windows displayed sandals and blouses.  Some shops had Indian clothes, others Fijian outfits.
P1010589 P1010590 Nubukalou Creek and another arcade of shops.
I attended a Fijian service at the Centenary Methodist Church that has an excellent choir. The Lord's Prayer I recognized as the spoken lines were roughly the same length as those in English. I also recognized two of the four hymn tunes.  Apart from that I did not understand a word.
The new Parliament buildings.
The stadium at the University of the South Pacific. 
This is a village on the Queens Road that we passed as we left Suva.

This is the hymn board in a village church.  The hymn board was similar in Suva's Centenary Methodist Church.

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