On Taveuni we tried to stay at the Coconut Grove Resort, but it was full.  Ronna, who runs Coconut Grove, kindly informed us of Matei Point, a nearby property with an excellent bure.

We ate at the Coconut Grove Resort which had a creative restaurant, on a balcony overlooking the sea, serviced by a friendly staff.  The fish was very fresh and we could try new varieties like Emperor fish.

P1010250 This is the bure.  A generator made electricity for us in the morning and evening.  It was well screened and very pleasant.
P1010347 We carried Kava roots with us, just in case we met a chief.
P1010348  It was guarded by a friendly bitch who liked to retrieve sticks and coconut husks.
This coral was near the doorstep - just a taste of what can be found outside.  I was scared to snorkel as there were sea slugs - I thought they were snakes, but they did not harm me.  I wish I had gone beyond them as the reef looked very appealing and locals walked on it without fear.
This was one of the garden decorations.
TheBeach This is the beach (courtesy Ronna).
TheOceanView This is a view of the sea (courtesy Ronna).
This is the interior of the bure (courtesy Ronna).

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