At the north east end of Taveuni is Matei, home of the island's main airport.  Don't be afraid of staying here because of the plane noise - planes are small and infrequent.  Matei is a good place to stay because you can go to both sides of the island from it.  There are also a few dive places around and plenty of places to stay.

This is a view of Vanua Levu near the Rainbow Reef - one of the most famous dive spots in the world.
P1010343 Matei airport (TVU) actually has a control tower.
P1010344 We arrived by Air Fiji Embraer EMB-110 Bandeirante 15-seater via Savusavu on Vanua Levu.  In Fiji you get weighed with your luggage on internal flights - so you can't hide weighty items.
P1010345 We found a sign that said 180 degree meridian, but it was someone's house sign, not the actual meridian.
P1010346 In the Swiss Fiji Divers Dive shop we managed to get Internet access.
P1010380 This is the rainy view of the main road round the island at Matei near the supermarket.  Many trees were devastated by a cyclone.  This is opposite Audrey's house.
P1010381 Audrey Brown (phone 888 0039) is an American who offers home roasted coffee, tea and cakes.  She also runs a bed and breakfast - Audrey's Place.  Her food was very welcome in the pouring rain.
P1010417 This is the road passing our driveway to Matei Point - its right opposite the airport.  Much of the land around the airport is owned by foreigners who have planted lush gardens.

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