Angel Island

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Angel Island

A short bike ride mainly on smooth pavement, with no traffic. Little hills.  Suitable for beginners.

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bulletAyala Cove
bulletCamp Reynolds - West Garrison
bulletFort McDowell - East Garrison
bulletImmigration Station
bulletSlide show of Angel Island Bike Ride - all pictures listed above
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  1. Can I rent a bike on the island?
    Yes, if the bike rental store is open - summer weekends it usually is.
  2. If I choose to bike, are all the roads paved?
    No, the bike trail from the ferry boat to the paved Perimeter Road is unmade.  When you visit locations off the main Perimeter Road you may have to go on rough tracks.
  3. How hard is the bike ride round the island?
    The hardest parts are short, fairly steep, gravel trails.  Even at major sights off the main perimeter road you may encounter rough slopes. So if in doubt, walk your bike downhill.  Most of the Perimeter Road is an easy cruise - but there are a few short hills, so it helps to have a hybrid or mountain bike with low gears if you are not in the greatest shape.  The Perimeter Road is suitable for those learning to ride a bike and those who don't like cycling in traffic.
  4. Can I bring scooter or rollerblades?
    No.  You can't bring your dog either.
  5. Are there restrooms and picnic tables on the ride?
  6. How long does it take to go around the island?
    The ride round the Perimeter Road will probably take just over 1/2 an hour for a biker going around 10 mph.  If you stop for a few photos at the major sights and omit the video at the Visitors Center, you can just make it in 2 hours.  I would recommend at least 3 hours on the island for a trip with picnic lunch so that you have time to see the video.


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